Feeling unmotivated and negative is tiring. Trying to remain in a positive mindset is even harder…I am someone who tries to escape their problems or even blame something/someone for the feelings I have.

One of my main ways of escaping is drinking, I’d drink to forget and ignore. I sometimes still do. (Picture below to prove it)

Classy I know..

Learning to love myself, is my main goal. Which seems silly, but learning to enjoy every part of my own personality and quirks can be rewarding. I have started to enjoy spending time by yourself, and want to do things for yourself.

Everyone has low points in their life, some more than others. I wanted to be able to express my lows and my highs and hopefully bring some positivity to others.

Hope you enjoyed the read!



(My boyfriend recently gave me this little book of positivity, go buy it yourselves links below and see what you think!)

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Welcome to my blog, let me quickly introduce myself..

So, my name is Rose, I am 21 and from Cambridge. I’ve realised recently that I’ve got to that horrible point in life; where i’m supposed to know what i want to do for the next 40/50 years. Which i’m sure not many people do know.. I’m someone that wants to be successful, but seem to just ht massive blocks which i will explain in later blogs.

I thought it would be interesting to share all my experiences from relationships with friends/boyfriends to holidays and everything inbetween.

So lets see what happens!

(Photo from a piece of art in the Tate Modern Museum in London)