So I had my first day at my NEW JOB. Eeeeeeek.

I’m no longer stuck in an office with no windows. I actually feel like my basic needs are met during the day. I’m allowed to communicate with other without feeling like I’m breaking rules, it’s amazing.


However the anxiety and nerves I had the night before were unbearable. I haven’t been anxious for a very long time, so it really snuck up on me.

The fact i had been belittled and embarrassed so much at my old job, I’d lost all confidence. I was terrified of it happening again.

I slept for about 4 hours, dragged myself in, doubling checking I had everything I needed 7 billion times on the bus in.

Oh .. that another thing. I had to get the bus which set my anxiety off before it was even 8am. Anyone else worry they won’t be able to get off the bus at the right stop?

Anyways, I’m two days in and I couldn’t be happier. I’m completely relieved and thrilled at the idea of going back again tomorrow.

I couldn’t of got through the last few weeks if it hadn’t been for my family, friend, boyfriend and this blog. So thank you.

You’ll hear more from me!


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