Relationships in films are based around knights in shining armours and kissing frogs to get princes. Now in my 20’s I’ve discovered it’s not at all. To begin with you make sure you are washed and ready to spend time with this special person.. after around 6/7 months the following begin to happen:

  • your other half taking a dump whilst you are showering. (Gross, but that’s the level of comfortable you get)
  • Sharing toothbrushes. (Also gross, but if you still live at home owning 4 toothbrushes between you is stupid.)
  • Arguing over what to watch on TV, But fallen asleep together before getting half way through. (Then moaning about missing it the next morning)
  • Does anyone else live in their other halves clothes and wonder if they ever find you attract because you’re such a slop around them?
  • NEVER SHAVING. And they still cuddle you.

These are all moments I turn and realise I’ve found the one person that accepts me for who I am, and I’m completely happy to be gross with.

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and it’s about spending time with someone who is your best friend and you are comfortable with.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t fall head over heels for the first frog. ( even if they may act like a prince) It hurts like hell.

Love yourself, and multiple. πŸ’œπŸ’š