So I wanted to start off the weekly blogs with a little insight into my experience with the copper coil.

Many girls can relate when it comes to picking a contraception, its really difficult. There are so many options, it really depends on long term or short term need and whether you can remember to take a tablet every day.

I started taking the combined pill when I was around 16 years old because I had awful period pains. The doctor put me on this pill and I had no side affects whatsoever. I don’t think you notice your body changing as much at that age anyway. So life was sweet when it came to contraception until the beginning of this year.

I was taken off of the combined pill because I had a migraine and you medical can’t have the combined pill because it can raise you blood pressure, causing migraine and many other symptoms. The doctors put it down to be being on the pill for 6 or so years. My body just decided it didn’t like it anymore.

So I moved onto the progesterone only pill. I must say my body HATED it. I had swollen boobs and a swollen belly. I had month long periods. Mood swings that lasted days and don’t get me started on my skin. I broke out so bad people thought I had chicken pox. The worst part for me personally was the weight gain. I’ve also been a size 8 in basically anything, I never really worried about my weight and just tried to live healthy. My body just ballooned. Everywhere went wider. My toes even looked chunky.

So after moaning for a few months about feeling awful my partner talked me into going to the doctors. I eventually went (I don’t know anyone that likes going to the doctors, let alone about contraception. Its uncomfortable when it really shouldn’t be.)

The doctor told me that my only real option was to go completely hormone free. Which would mean the copper coil. The word COIL freaked me out. The doctor explained everything and gave me all the information I needed, which made me come to the conclusion of it being the best way forward. After my initial freak out about having something inserted up there, the positives really started to show. I will list the most beneficial ones below:

  • You are safe from pregnancy for up to 10 years, and the coil doesn’t need to be replaced or changed within that 10 years. That’s 10 years without going to the doctors or picking up prescriptions.
  • NO EXTRA HORMONES. No hormones are being put into your body on a daily basis. Which makes your moods and everything in life nicer. The copper coil works by repelling sperm as it enters the uterus, meaning they can never meet.
  • You are fertile whenever the coil gets taken out. As there are no hormones effecting your fertility, when the coil is out you are immediately fertile so there is no waiting time if you are ready to make your babies.

So, after reading a lot more information the above 3 gave me the main push towards getting the coil.

For the clinic I went to you have to book an appointment for the initial talk through of the procedure etc, which wad pretty basic. It gave me a better idea of what to expect, what to wear and what it would feel like before/during and after. I then went on to book the final appointment on the 1st November.

I felt super prepared for the appointment I had booked a day off on the 2nd in case I felt a bit crampy and crappy ( I will discussed how women shouldn’t have to use annual leave for contraception in another post). I had my partner ready to drive me and I even had some paracetamol beforehand.

So the day finally came round. We waited for about 40 minutes in the waiting room which didn’t help my nerves. We finally got called in but it wasn’t the doctor I initially met with. It was a young male doctor, who explained to me on the way to the room that he was in training and would be doing the insertion (gross word) with a fully qualified doctor looking over him. He asked if I was ok with this and I nervously said yes, even when I was super nervous and my partner wasn’t to thrilled to watch another man doing the procedure.

So there I am sat up on the bed, with 4 people in the room. YES FOUR PEOPLE. I had the main doctor, the trainee doctor, a HCA and someone else who never introduced themselves staring at my vagina. Other than that, I was super comfortable. To begin with (Don’t read if you get grossed out) I had to have my cervix measured. They do this by stretching it straight, as it naturally curves with the body. This was painful. It wasn’t a screaming pain, but a warm stabbing pain which did only last 5-10 seconds. Once they have measured you, they then have to straighten your cervix again to gain access for the coil. This is the same pain again but it lasts a lot longer.

After about 3-4 minutes the coil was in and I was sat in awful pain. Pain so bad I wanted to faint. I didn’t say anything at the time because they kept reassuring me that it would ease.

We went home and I kept myself topped up on pain killers, and a lot of TLC from the partner. Little did I know I was in so much pain because of something in particular.. which I will be explaining in my next blog which will go live next Tuesday.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, if you have any questions do contact me.

Speak soon,

V x





Placeholder ImageHELLOPEOPLE,


Wow. That felt good to say. I know it’s been a minute… life got turned upside down and chucked back into my face again. So I’m looking to use my blog to help recover and bring me some closure.

I have decided I want to make this page a self help, progress and relatable stories place. I want individuals to feel as if they can read my stories and tips and feel as if they have been able to relate or have used something I have mentioned.

Every week I will be posting mini snippets of useful things or mini stories I have the tell from the previous week I have had.

The next few posts will be a little hard to read and pretty sad. I will say at the beginning not to read on if you feel they will be upsetting but I’m hoping they can help and support others who have been through similar situations.

I better get writing!

Lots of love,

V x



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I wanted to talk about how I feel a need to be constantly progressing. I have a need for success, disappointment is unavoidable when I don’t reach specific goals.

It has moved onto affecting my daily life. If I don’t complete certain tasks in the day.. I feel like I’m wasted. However, my other side of my brain always wants to be curled up in bed. Constant battle.

I’ve noticed this more since started my new job and I can’t quite pinpoint whether this is my usual anxiety or it’s some form of OCD.

Anyways, I’m going to be writing posts of surviving your first day and work and so on within in the next few days. ( another task set)


Good evening,







So it’s been just over two weeks since made redundant. After my whole life was taken away from me in the space of 10 minutes, I felt completely hopeful. Now I’m stuck trying to search for jobs.

Anyone else ever had to find a job? But had NO clue what they are interested in anymore..

I haven’t got the energy or the confidence to find a role that suits me and that really bothers me. I want to find something that I fit into well, and can sense that the team will need me.

I’m now battling in my head whether I should study further, settle for a job that I know I can do better in or bite the bullet and travel.




Mental health affects way more people than everyone thinks. But for some reasons no one is allowed to talk about or they even feel embarrassed to share how they really feel.

I myself have struggled with feeling low and I get panicky when things don’t go the way I expect them too.

I’m ready to start talking about it.

It’s hard to wake up some days and know that I’m physically well enough to get on with my day but there is something in my head stopping me. Some days getting dressed is even an issue.

I must say I have improved since this time last year but that’s with the help from my friends/boyfriend and family. I’ve learnt to say “I don’t feel right” when my head can’t bear the thought of dealing with anything.

I think accepting their is a problem is the first step to understanding the problem. My mini motto.

Keep looking up. Have a lovely day.




Feeling unmotivated and negative is tiring. Trying to remain in a positive mindset is even harder…I am someone who tries to escape their problems or even blame something/someone for the feelings I have.

One of my main ways of escaping is drinking, I’d drink to forget and ignore. I sometimes still do. (Picture below to prove it)

Classy I know..

Learning to love myself, is my main goal. Which seems silly, but learning to enjoy every part of my own personality and quirks can be rewarding. I have started to enjoy spending time by yourself, and want to do things for yourself.

Everyone has low points in their life, some more than others. I wanted to be able to express my lows and my highs and hopefully bring some positivity to others.

Hope you enjoyed the read!



(My boyfriend recently gave me this little book of positivity, go buy it yourselves links below and see what you think!)

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