Isn’t it everyone dream to go travel the world and see every single inch of this planet?

How do people choose to go travel when they have to think about their future and what they should be preparing for.

it just baffles me! I’m on a very basic salary now and still struggle to get through the month when people who work part time are out living the dream across the world. Gets me angry.

I feel like I’m missing something?


R x

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I wanted to talk about how I feel a need to be constantly progressing. I have a need for success, disappointment is unavoidable when I don’t reach specific goals.

It has moved onto affecting my daily life. If I don’t complete certain tasks in the day.. I feel like I’m wasted. However, my other side of my brain always wants to be curled up in bed. Constant battle.

I’ve noticed this more since started my new job and I can’t quite pinpoint whether this is my usual anxiety or it’s some form of OCD.

Anyways, I’m going to be writing posts of surviving your first day and work and so on within in the next few days. ( another task set)


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So I had my first day at my NEW JOB. Eeeeeeek.

I’m no longer stuck in an office with no windows. I actually feel like my basic needs are met during the day. I’m allowed to communicate with other without feeling like I’m breaking rules, it’s amazing.


However the anxiety and nerves I had the night before were unbearable. I haven’t been anxious for a very long time, so it really snuck up on me.

The fact i had been belittled and embarrassed so much at my old job, I’d lost all confidence. I was terrified of it happening again.

I slept for about 4 hours, dragged myself in, doubling checking I had everything I needed 7 billion times on the bus in.

Oh .. that another thing. I had to get the bus which set my anxiety off before it was even 8am. Anyone else worry they won’t be able to get off the bus at the right stop?

Anyways, I’m two days in and I couldn’t be happier. I’m completely relieved and thrilled at the idea of going back again tomorrow.

I couldn’t of got through the last few weeks if it hadn’t been for my family, friend, boyfriend and this blog. So thank you.

You’ll hear more from me!


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So it’s been just over two weeks since made redundant. After my whole life was taken away from me in the space of 10 minutes, I felt completely hopeful. Now I’m stuck trying to search for jobs.

Anyone else ever had to find a job? But had NO clue what they are interested in anymore..

I haven’t got the energy or the confidence to find a role that suits me and that really bothers me. I want to find something that I fit into well, and can sense that the team will need me.

I’m now battling in my head whether I should study further, settle for a job that I know I can do better in or bite the bullet and travel.




Relationships in films are based around knights in shining armours and kissing frogs to get princes. Now in my 20’s I’ve discovered it’s not at all. To begin with you make sure you are washed and ready to spend time with this special person.. after around 6/7 months the following begin to happen:

  • your other half taking a dump whilst you are showering. (Gross, but that’s the level of comfortable you get)
  • Sharing toothbrushes. (Also gross, but if you still live at home owning 4 toothbrushes between you is stupid.)
  • Arguing over what to watch on TV, But fallen asleep together before getting half way through. (Then moaning about missing it the next morning)
  • Does anyone else live in their other halves clothes and wonder if they ever find you attract because you’re such a slop around them?
  • NEVER SHAVING. And they still cuddle you.

These are all moments I turn and realise I’ve found the one person that accepts me for who I am, and I’m completely happy to be gross with.

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and it’s about spending time with someone who is your best friend and you are comfortable with.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t fall head over heels for the first frog. ( even if they may act like a prince) It hurts like hell.

Love yourself, and multiple. 💜💚



Mental health affects way more people than everyone thinks. But for some reasons no one is allowed to talk about or they even feel embarrassed to share how they really feel.

I myself have struggled with feeling low and I get panicky when things don’t go the way I expect them too.

I’m ready to start talking about it.

It’s hard to wake up some days and know that I’m physically well enough to get on with my day but there is something in my head stopping me. Some days getting dressed is even an issue.

I must say I have improved since this time last year but that’s with the help from my friends/boyfriend and family. I’ve learnt to say “I don’t feel right” when my head can’t bear the thought of dealing with anything.

I think accepting their is a problem is the first step to understanding the problem. My mini motto.

Keep looking up. Have a lovely day.