So I am certainly no expert when it comes to CV’s but whilst I’ve been re writing mine I thought I’d share what I have been adding too mine to make it more appealing!

MAKE IT LOOK NICE. Making a CV actually look professional is what I started with. Looking at the boarder and different fonts to make my CV look well thought out.

TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE NOT WHAT YOU COULD DO. Make your recent achievements and experiences clear, don’t just state what you could possibly do. Make clear what you have done and that you can do it again. E.g met a certain sales goal.

DON’T SOUND COCKY. So I have been making sure that I don’t sound like I know everything because I was to be able to grow and learn within a company.

USE A SECOND PAIR OF EYES. Get someone else to read it. I always ask my dad to check grammar and spelling because I write how I speak, and that doesn’t always make sense!

USE BIG WORDS. Finally, enhance your sentences by using bigger and more sophisticated words.

I hope this helps other that are looking to write a CV.

Happy job hunting!

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Today I thought I’d discuss my university experience. So many people go to university now, and it is possible for anyone. Except being in debt FOREVER. Anyways, I didn’t want to put anyone off going to university but to give those heading off to university in September a mini insight.

SO i worked my butt off at college to get into nursing. It was my dream to be a neonatal nurse, I studied extra courses so I’d get accepted SOMEWHERE. Everyone trying to get into Nursing understands how hard it is to get into the university of your choice.

All the universities closer to home, either gave me interviews and said no or said no straight away (confidence boost, yay). However, London South Bank University accepted me! I was over the moon!

After the initial excitement was over, I realised I’d be leaving so much behind. My friends, Family and my boyfriend (at the time). All though  I was willing to do whatever it took to be a nurse.


I turned up on my first day at university to an absolute s**t hole. My student halls were made up of around 8 blocks of orange brick, which looked so outdated it was disgusting. Inside was so much worse. To start the keys turn the wrong way to a normal key.. brilliant start. Once you entered the heavy fire doors, you’d head up these BRIGHT green stairs which lead to the letter box sized rooms. I will insert a photo below of the room (this was actually when i left so it looked kind of clean ).


So as you can see the paint is coming off the walls, the mattress is worn and just gross. I had to get new curtains as mine were ripped and full of dust. So, my mum was pretty upset to leave me there lets put it that way. ALSO, this room cost £120 a WEEK to rent. HOW RIDICULOUS.


Moving onto fresher’s week. The week of making fake friends and getting so drunk you don’t remember your own name. Its all rubbish, and a way to waste all your money.


My first few weeks consisted of being drunk, going through a break up, falling out with my flat mates (I lived with 5 other girls) and missing my family stupid amounts.

My eating habits suffered massively. I’m not a brilliant eater anyway, but the state of the kitchen made it worse. The flat parties would leave alcohol stains and mysterious marks all over, which made it impossible for me to feel comfortable to eat ANYTHING. So i lived off the chip shop van and biscuits. (Photo below of me eating biscuits hungover, in onesie) A result of this i lost a stupid amount of weight, and for someone who was quite athletic and slim. It made a difference.



So we finally got our uniform which i will show you below also, which barley fit me because i was so titchy by then. It was white which eventually turned yellowish from washing. But it was bearable.


Once i got on to the wards for my placements (i was at great Ormond’s street) I was completely overwhelmed by the volume of heartache and sadness amongst the wards. I had the idea in my head that the nurses would treat the patients but also make sure they left with a smile on their faces. I was left with nurses who didn’t want to be their and were massively overworked.

I’d have panic attacks every time someone spoke to me with a slightly mean tone, and would cry whenever i left the wards. I slowly started to believe I wasn’t made for the job I once wished to do SO badly.


So after many tearful conversations with my parents at 3am i decided to drop out. The process wasn’t easy and you have to go through many interviews and conversations to be let out of the course and the accommodation.

Even writing this now it does sound all negative BUT there were many positives, I discovered a lot about myself and who i am. I met so many interesting people and have made some really close friends for life.

So this is a little insight into life as a student nurse, hopefully more people will recognise the funding needed for the NHS to provide more support and help through the training, to encourage others into the role.

There are SO many other areas i will be talking about regarding my experience at university, but I’ll leave this blog here.

Have a lovely day.






So everyone struggles with their skin at some point, and I was one of them. I have really sensitive skin, which flareed up and will then go really (REALLY) dry. I used to break out in random places then get massive scabs, which ended up scarring. I’ll insert a photo below.


I know this isn’t the best photo, but you can see some left over scarring. My skin used to make me so uncomfortable, and I would hide it with tones of make up until i discovered a few different products and techniques which i will discuss with you!

    1. WASH IT RIGHT. So i started by making sure that i washed my face correctly in the morning, it makes such a difference (especially when your skin is oily) to clean sensitive skin with a gentle wash such as Simple clear skin balancing exfoliating wash, i use this every morning and sometimes at night, if I’m wearing any make-up.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash 150 ml

2. HAVE MAKE UP FREE DAYS. If you have nothing planned for the day, spend the day looking after your skin. Start by apply a deep pore mask, to clear out any dirt or grease that could cause inflammation. Then I would normally apply a moisturiser that has all the important vitamins your skin needs. Sometimes these moisturisers can make your skin a little oily, but if I’m having a day at home these can be acceptable. I do use two different moisturisers, because one is waaaaaaay more expensive than the other one. So it just depends on how broke i am.

Dr Organic Tea Tree Deep Pore Vegan 5 in 1 Charcoal Mask 100ml

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + New formula 125ml Very Dry to Dry Combo Skin

3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. I personally didn’t notice until recently how much water really effects your skin. Drinking more water instantly cleared up my skin and removed any redness I was getting.

4. LOOK AT SELL BY DATE. Don’t put products on your skin, that you’ve had a long time or have a sell by or use by date on them. You wouldn’t eat an out of date yogurt so you wouldn’t want to put something that’s gone off on your face. Right?

Those are my small tips to help your skin out on the bad days. Just to note, I’m no expert but i wanted to share what helps me. Here is an after picture of me looking a lot happier with my clear skin, just to end on a nice note.


Have a lovely day.





So, I suck at taking my own advice. I woke up and have done the complete opposite to what I posted about before. Monday morning has been rubbish knowing I have no place to go to. I don’t have a job waiting for me, I don’t have a desk or anything else..

I told myself I’d work on myself, however I’ve found myself drawn to my bed looking through job adverts.

Goal for the day: Do something productive e.g clean my car or re-write my cv. Any tips people?




Feeling unmotivated and negative is tiring. Trying to remain in a positive mindset is even harder…I am someone who tries to escape their problems or even blame something/someone for the feelings I have.

One of my main ways of escaping is drinking, I’d drink to forget and ignore. I sometimes still do. (Picture below to prove it)

Classy I know..

Learning to love myself, is my main goal. Which seems silly, but learning to enjoy every part of my own personality and quirks can be rewarding. I have started to enjoy spending time by yourself, and want to do things for yourself.

Everyone has low points in their life, some more than others. I wanted to be able to express my lows and my highs and hopefully bring some positivity to others.

Hope you enjoyed the read!



(My boyfriend recently gave me this little book of positivity, go buy it yourselves links below and see what you think!)

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Redundancy is a pile of S***. Anyone out there who has gone through it (or is going through this currently) knows how it feels.

You feel completly inadequate and useless because a company (whether you liked working their or not) got rid of you. I wanted to try and write some of my tips which i’ve used within the past few days as I was made redundant exactly 2 days ago. If anyone also has any useful tips to get myself back out into the world of work, please comment.

  1. DONT STAY IN BED. I wanted to be alone and live in a little cave of duvets and pillows for a week. This doesn’t work. It just causes more horrible thoughts and ideas of yourself which aren’t true. Try and get up, get washed and get into the fresh air.
  2. FIGHT FOR A REDUNDANCY PAY OUT. You are entitled to a redunancy pay out if you have worked at a company for a certain amount of time, there are obviously different policies and rules but everyone deserves something to help them pay their bills (untill you manage to scrape yourself off the floor and find a new job). Also, you can go treat YO’self.
  3. BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR NEXT MOVE. I was in denial about continuing in the same job sector. However, I was made redundant because I “didn’t suit the role”. Think about what you enjoy best and look for something new!
  4. DONT PANIC. I am the first person to panic about ANYTHING. Sitting back and realising its not the end of the world, really gives you a new outlook on working life.
  5. USE TIME OFF TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Go do stuff for you. Go find something that makes you happy that you couldn’t do before because you had to “have an early night because of work” or didn’t want to do anything because “you’re too tired from work”. You may even find something you love, which could lead to a completely new career.

These are my first few tips, this only happened a few days ago for me and it is very raw. I’m hoping i will have even more positive tips and tricks to help get others in the same situation as me, back out into the big wild world.

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Welcome to my blog, let me quickly introduce myself..

So, my name is Rose, I am 21 and from Cambridge. I’ve realised recently that I’ve got to that horrible point in life; where i’m supposed to know what i want to do for the next 40/50 years. Which i’m sure not many people do know.. I’m someone that wants to be successful, but seem to just ht massive blocks which i will explain in later blogs.

I thought it would be interesting to share all my experiences from relationships with friends/boyfriends to holidays and everything inbetween.

So lets see what happens!

(Photo from a piece of art in the Tate Modern Museum in London)