So I last left you with the story of the insert action of my copper coil. Stating how much pain I was in etc etc etc.

I put up with the pain for about 2 weeks and I called the clinic I had it put in and told them I was struggling, they booked me in for the Saturday morning for a check up because it didn’t seem right. Baring in mind it was Thursday, I couldn’t wait much longer.

It wasn’t until my mum asked me if it felt like horrible period pains and I thought to myself “when was the last time you had a period?”, I PANICKED.

I asked my boyfriend to go pick up a test so we could do it at home. We had only been active once since the coil and it was unbearable so none of it would of made sense if I was pregnant right? They did a yet before they put it in?

It was positive.

I cried and cried. They told us if at any point I was pregnant with the coil it would most likely be ectopic, I was so scared. We called 111 (which is an non emergency number in the U.K.) who sent us straight to the emergency room.

I had bloods done, urine tests done and I also had another 4 people looking down there and check my coil was in the right place. They said it all looks ok down there and if it’s ectopic I wasn’t at the point of anything serious happening, they sent me home and told us we would have a call in the morning for a scan to determine where the baby had implanted.

We were very quiet that drive home. All so much information. All in the space of a few hours. I was carrying. We had a baby growing. It wasn’t something we wanted yet, or had even really considered but we had already felt close with whatever was growing inside me.

The next day we got a wake up call from the early pregnancy unit. Telling us to come in for a scan at half 8. We went in and waited and waited.

I sat in the chair and the lady who was scanning me (not sure on correct name of professional) took such good care of me. She told me she couldn’t see anything through my tummy so she had to do an internal scan.

I was fine with that because I’d had so many people looking I was weirdly comfortable with it. She was then silent for a few minutes. I just looked at my boyfriend, scared. He held my hand super tight as his eyes started the go red.

She eventually said “it is in your uterus, you’re about 5 weeks”

There was some relief.

Then she said “but it’s right up against the coil, so so close, I’m sorry”

I’ve never cried with such power and strength, I couldn’t believe this was happening to us. She asked if we wanted to see the scan and I said yes and through really wet eyes I could see this odd dark oval shape sat on a long white thing. Our poor thing.

I was given the option to try and carry the baby and see how long it lasted. With minimum chances of it lasting past 20 weeks and with disability if any longer. We decided against putting something so small in that much pain.

We also had the option of taking the coil out and seeing if I miscarriages naturally. They then said if that didn’t happen and we didn’t wish to carry on the pregnancy I would have to have a medical miscarriage.

So we went home. I carried for the weekend, in a total daze.


I will continue with this story next week, as this is getting harder to write.

Thank you, for reading.

V x

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