Placeholder ImageHELLOPEOPLE,


Wow. That felt good to say. I know it’s been a minute… life got turned upside down and chucked back into my face again. So I’m looking to use my blog to help recover and bring me some closure.

I have decided I want to make this page a self help, progress and relatable stories place. I want individuals to feel as if they can read my stories and tips and feel as if they have been able to relate or have used something I have mentioned.

Every week I will be posting mini snippets of useful things or mini stories I have the tell from the previous week I have had.

The next few posts will be a little hard to read and pretty sad. I will say at the beginning not to read on if you feel they will be upsetting but I’m hoping they can help and support others who have been through similar situations.

I better get writing!

Lots of love,

V x



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