So I am certainly no expert when it comes to CV’s but whilst I’ve been re writing mine I thought I’d share what I have been adding too mine to make it more appealing!

MAKE IT LOOK NICE. Making a CV actually look professional is what I started with. Looking at the boarder and different fonts to make my CV look well thought out.

TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE NOT WHAT YOU COULD DO. Make your recent achievements and experiences clear, don’t just state what you could possibly do. Make clear what you have done and that you can do it again. E.g met a certain sales goal.

DON’T SOUND COCKY. So I have been making sure that I don’t sound like I know everything because I was to be able to grow and learn within a company.

USE A SECOND PAIR OF EYES. Get someone else to read it. I always ask my dad to check grammar and spelling because I write how I speak, and that doesn’t always make sense!

USE BIG WORDS. Finally, enhance your sentences by using bigger and more sophisticated words.

I hope this helps other that are looking to write a CV.

Happy job hunting!

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