Redundancy is a pile of S***. Anyone out there who has gone through it (or is going through this currently) knows how it feels.

You feel completly inadequate and useless because a company (whether you liked working their or not) got rid of you. I wanted to try and write some of my tips which i’ve used within the past few days as I was made redundant exactly 2 days ago. If anyone also has any useful tips to get myself back out into the world of work, please comment.

  1. DONT STAY IN BED. I wanted to be alone and live in a little cave of duvets and pillows for a week. This doesn’t work. It just causes more horrible thoughts and ideas of yourself which aren’t true. Try and get up, get washed and get into the fresh air.
  2. FIGHT FOR A REDUNDANCY PAY OUT. You are entitled to a redunancy pay out if you have worked at a company for a certain amount of time, there are obviously different policies and rules but everyone deserves something to help them pay their bills (untill you manage to scrape yourself off the floor and find a new job). Also, you can go treat YO’self.
  3. BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR NEXT MOVE. I was in denial about continuing in the same job sector. However, I was made redundant because I “didn’t suit the role”. Think about what you enjoy best and look for something new!
  4. DONT PANIC. I am the first person to panic about ANYTHING. Sitting back and realising its not the end of the world, really gives you a new outlook on working life.
  5. USE TIME OFF TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Go do stuff for you. Go find something that makes you happy that you couldn’t do before because you had to “have an early night because of work” or didn’t want to do anything because “you’re too tired from work”. You may even find something you love, which could lead to a completely new career.

These are my first few tips, this only happened a few days ago for me and it is very raw. I’m hoping i will have even more positive tips and tricks to help get others in the same situation as me, back out into the big wild world.

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